Sunday, May 10, 2009

sweet memories @ sweet chat cafe, times square

hai.. on last 1
st April 2009, aman n myself took a leave (al) only for our's special freind yatie from sp, kedah.. (heheh special for da gurl that always helping me). so... ktorg bwk la dia g jalan2.. teman dia shoppg.. coz she works hard for money.. so that day, she burn her money..hehehhe.. ktorg g mkn lunch 2 kat nasi padang kat area sumo house (sory x tau aje)... bg sy ok not bad... tp skrg sy nk share tntg 1 place yg mmg sy akn igt smpi sblm sy lupe... hehhehe... lps hbs merayau 1 kl.. ktorg anta dia kt time square hotel 2.. tp b4 that, ktorg lpk dulu kat sweet chat cafe.. pergh... gile pnye best beb..the special feeling of the cafe is abit different from the rest cafe there, it doesn't covered by walls. i chose the mango mountain..perghhh... a fantastic dessert. si yati plh kiwin.. best gk... tp yg kesian si aman order duria cendol.. dia x expect yg ade pure durian.. nk x nk kene telan gk... so.. dgn rela hati sy pn tlg la dia mkn durian 2... x baik membazir... hehhe


Queen said...

wwaahhhhhhhh.....yati belanja beb....hahaha...
jeles aku..hahhaa

i just love ice blended....everything with blended ice is my faveret. Tgk hang punya desert nie teringat manggo smoothies kat Pak Li. Gile superb best dan sangat murah.

shaholy_gurl said...

hehe ni pn hrga mcm berpatutan gk... weh.. sp srh hg x amek ct hr 2...heheeeee... babai.. sedap tau.. mango mountain 2